Terms of use

Terms of Service

This MDisk Service Agreement (the "Agreement") describes the terms and conditions on which MDisk ("we") offer services to you ("User"). By using our services, the User agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • We reserve the right to disable direct linking on user accounts that are using excessive bandwidth or otherwise abusing the system.
  • Pornography, nudity, sexual images, and any kind of offensive images or videos are prohibited. Copyrighted material is also strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to decide on appropriate content and can delete images or videos at any time without User notification.
  • Users must agree to comply with all laws which apply to their location, including copyright and trademark laws. Images, videos, and files that violate copyrights or trademarks are not allowed. If someone has an infringement claim against you, you will be asked to remove the copyrighted file until the issue is resolved. If there is a dispute between participants on this site, MDisk is under no obligation to become involved.
  • MDisk is not liable for your images, videos, files, or any lost business due to the unavailability or loss of the website. We make no claims of future reliability in serving, hosting, or storing your images, videos, or files.

MDisk is committed to cooperating with any and all legal authorities if an investigation should arise.


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